December Card of the Month

I’m planning to draw a single card from the deck each month and briefly discuss its general meaning and how it applies to my own life, your journey, and the world at large. Amazingly enough, the first card that I have drawn for this endeavor is…

The Fool


The Fool symbolizes new beginnings, new adventure, excitement, and enthusiasm. He bring potential and change with him, but if you aren’t careful things can easily fall out of balance.

In the Thoth Tarot The Fool is depicted as youthful manifestation of the Green God of growth. He leaps forward into life, fully in the present moment and enjoying himself to the hilt. He isn’t caught up in the past and he isn’t worried over the future… he is present and aware. This allows him to make the most of the potential of any given moment.

The Fool is also shown leaping carelessly off of a cliff. He is so transfixed in possibility that he does not realize what consequences might occur. Fortunately, our Fool has a loving heart, as is indicated by the rainbow that surrounds him and is rooted in his heart. The dove of Spirit flies alongside him, and he is oblivious to the tiger gnawing at his leg.

This is a time of great potential for you, and the whole world. Stay focused in the present moment. Take time to brainstorm ideas, organize your thoughts and reconnect with your goals. Are you letting yourself be distracted by unimportant things (social media, binge television — all tigers trying to drain and distract you), or are you keeping your heart open and following your Spirit?

Finally, The Fool is shown with the rising sun shining through his genitals. Now is the time to plant the seeds of new projects and let them shine. If you’ve been waiting for a sign from the universe to begin something new, this is it!