January Card of the Month

The Hermit


How appropriate that while we’re huddled up in our winter hibernation that the Hermit should show his face this month! I am fighting a nasty cold, and it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep me at a distance right now.  But the Hermit isn’t just about the lonely road.

Being alone doesn’t mean that you are lonely in the case of the Hermit. He chooses to take his time away from conventional life and follow a path of contemplation and circumspection. Only you can give yourself true peace and fulfillment. These are emotions that come from seeking within and doing the work of the journey without.

The Hermit carries a lantern which illuminates a fertile field of grain. A single spermatozoa rises at his footstep. His endeavors digging in the dark soil of his own mind will be fruitful! The Hermit has a three-headed dog as his companion. This is Cerberus, the hound of Hades is Greek mythology. Cerberus represents that the Hermit is coming out of the darkness of the underworld and is now seeking the light.

He discovers the Orphic Egg, an egg wrapped in a serpent, the symbol of the great mystery of creation. Seeking has served him well. It has transformed him from a weary grey-bearded man to ibis-headed Thoth, the Egyptian Lord of wisdom.

Don’t fight against this time of rest and inner work. It is only by taking time to look within ourselves that we, like the Hermit, can find what we truly seek.