Diana’s Bow Tarot Spread

The Diana’s Bow spread is also known as the Seven Card Ellipse Spread, Diana’s Crescent, and the Seven Stars Spread. This layout is good for when you are asking about a project. The basic question that will be answered is “What is to be done?” It offers advice, guidance and warning, which is seen as the divine guidance of the Goddess Diana. This spread is claimed to be favored by the Romani or “Gypsies”. Dramatic fanning and slow turning of the cards is characteristic of this layout, and is also associated with Romani fortune telling.

Shuffle the cards and fan them out in front you, face down. Draw seven cards from the fan. Do not turn them face up. Shuffle these seven cards and lay them out as shown in the diagram below. Turn them over, one by one, interpreting each card as you go. This spread is unique in that the cards are not to be considered as a whole until card four is turned. Then cards one through four may be examined together. Only at the end of the reading may all of the cards be considered together.



1. Turn over the first card: This represents the past, or that which is ending.
2. Turn over the second card: This represents the present.
3. Turn over the third card: This represents the future, or that which is beginning.
4. Turn over the fourth card: This represents the path to take and what to do. It is the counsel of Diana. Review cards one through four. How do they influence each other? How does the advice of card four apply to cards one through three?
5. Turn over the fifth card: This represents helpful or harmful outside influences.
6. Turn over the sixth card: This represents hopes and fears.
7. Turn over the seventh card: This represents the final outcome. Review the cards together as a whole. How do they influence each other? How does the advice of card four apply to cards five through seven?