Two Quick Tarot Layouts

There are times when you just want to get an answer from tarot FAST! You don’t have time to pull a lot of cards, remember placements, or talk to a professional tarot reader. These two spreads are designed to give you a simple and quick way to have your questions answered. The first is the Three Card Draw. The second is the Priorities Spread. By their nature, neither of these tarot layouts don’t offer a lot of in-depth analysis of the situation, but they can bring some instant perspective to a question.

Three Card Spread


The three card draw is tarot “quick and dirty’. It is especially useful for confirming a longer reading. It has much in common with some modern rune divination layouts. Some readers prefer a laying out the middle card first and then the cards on the left and right, but the cards are still read right to left as past, present, and future.

Priorities Spread

Sometimes prioritizing our lives can be the most daunting task of all. This simple layout is designed to guide you towards what is most important and helps to point out what can wait. This is very useful for seeing where your energies are going.


Position 1: Important and Urgent
Position 2: Important but not Urgent
Position 3: Urgent but not Important
Position 4: Not Important and Not Urgent