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Two Quick Tarot Layouts

There are times when you just want to get an answer from tarot FAST! You don’t have time to pull a lot of cards, remember placements, or talk to a professional tarot reader. These two spreads are designed to give you a simple and quick way to have your questions answered. The first is the Three Card Draw. The second is the Priorities Spread. By their nature Read More

Thoth Tarot Trumps Series Class: The Hierophant

Come hear my lecture on the symbolism of The Hierophant card in the Thoth Tarot at this month’s Anabasis Tarot Salon. This will be the first in what I hope becomes an ongoing series exploring each of the major arcana of the Thoth deck. The Hierophant is the card of Taurus, strong, stubborn, and loving. We will explore the symbolism of this Thoth Tarot trump in great detail, and also compare these symbols to the correspondences of 777.

Thursday, January 26 7:30 PM – 9 PM

Sacred Path
1818 W 57th St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46228

[Show Map]

Suggested admission is a small monetary donation to support Anabasis.

Learn more about Anabasis and its work in Indianapolis here.


The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic cross is probably the oldest and most popular pattern for reading the tarot. It has survived so long because the layout of the cards is simple, but powerful. A strong thought-form has built up around this spread due to its use by so many people over the years.

You can think of the Celtic cross as divided into two sections: the Circle/Cross on the left, and the Staff on the right. The Circle/Cross section is made up of Read More

January Card of the Month

The Hermit


How appropriate that while we’re huddled up in our winter hibernation that the Hermit should show his face this month! I am fighting a nasty cold, and it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep me at a distance right now.  But the Hermit isn’t just about the lonely road. Read More

Diana’s Bow Tarot Spread

The Diana’s Bow spread is also known as the Seven Card Ellipse Spread, Diana’s Crescent, and the Seven Stars Spread. This layout is good for when you are asking about a project. The basic question that will be answered is “What is to be done?” It offers advice, guidance and warning, which is seen as the divine guidance of the Goddess Diana. Read More

December Card of the Month

I’m planning to draw a single card from the deck each month and briefly discuss its general meaning and how it applies to my own life, your journey, and the world at large. Amazingly enough, the first card that I have drawn for this endeavor is…

The Fool


The Fool symbolizes new beginnings, new adventure, excitement, and enthusiasm. He bring potential and change with him, but if you aren’t careful things can easily fall out of balance. Read More

It’s Happening!


I’ve finally decided to strike out on my own doing what I love and working for myself! I’m so excited to share my new business with you. Thank you to all of my fans and supporters who have believed in me through the years, and who have given me the courage and strength to make this dream happen. Read More